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My Story

I love to paint. I knew I wanted to have my own space in our house to paint my watercolors without putting away my stuff every time.

One of the last remaining spots in our house was a corner of the front porch. "Front Porch Studio" got its' name, and I could stay in the activity of a lively household with two teen-aged island girls, our daughters. I began painting very small boat paintings and sold them at the Sustainable Farmers & Artisan Market on Nantucket. I couldn’t stop smiling and I knew I had struck a happy chord. I paint on planes, trains - you name it - with an inexpensive watercolor set & a Micron 005 pen.

I began to paint house portraits, create wedding art and design fabric and products from my original watercolor designs. My Paper, Baby and Home Goods were born. I opened my tiny shop, Front Porch Studio, on Nantucket Island in 2015 for three years, and will open my in-town Home Studio this Summer so I can have more space to create.

My paintings mirror my everyday approach to life: optimistic, joyful and a touch of humor. I try to employ women whenever possible who also love to sew, embroider and live creative lives. My hope is to facilitate a sewing/training studio to help women at risk onto a more hopeful path of recovery and self-sufficiency. It’s a journey worth taking, and if I can do it – so can you.

Please contact me at if you'd like more information about what I do.

xo Ellie

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