Product FAQ’s & Information

Why add home goods to the mix and not just stick to watercolors?
It can be tricky being 30 miles away from the mainland and finding a variety of unique home touches. My shop customers began asking me if I designed wallpaper and home decor, so the planets aligned and home goods got a running start. They are not for everyone, but they’re not meant to be - just a small way to bring some Nantucket vibes to your neck of the woods.

Do you offer your designs in fabric yardage?
I do! Please email me at and tell me about your project. I’ll help you determine the right fabric for the job and pricing. Additionally, I can make any of my patterns into the items you see in the SHOP section, even if they’re not included in the product line at no additional cost.

How many weddings do you do art for a year? 
I limit my custom wedding art to about three weddings a year. I need time to paint for fun, get new inspiration, and dive into new projects…like the children’s book I’m working on for a client. Plus I have a little farm off island that will need tending.

How do I choose the right curtain length?
Front Porch Studio curtains are 50” wide and available in three standard lengths: 84”, 96” and 108”. To determine the right length for your curtains, measure from the distance you’d like to end to the top of your curtain rod. When measuring, it helps to understand what type of look you’re trying to achieve. For a dramatic curtain that drapes delicately at the bottom, add an additional 6  inches. This type of curtain is referred to as ‘puddled’ curtains because the fabric…puddles at the bottom.  For a more casual ‘short’ look, opt for a curtain that hangs slightly past the bottom of the window sill. Our 84” long curtain is a great option for a 70” window. Email us if you need help with measuring.

How do I determine the ‘right’ tablecloth size?
96 in. -  best for 36” Diameter table (seats 4)
108 in. - best for 80 - 92”  table (seats 4-6)
120 in. - best for 96 - 100” table (seats 8-10)
144 in. - best for 100 - 126” table (seats 10-12)

How do I install the wallpaper?
Each roll comes with installation instructions included - please note: the instructions are rolled around the wallpaper itself so be sure to look for it.

Why Peel-and-Stick and Pre-pasted wallpapers? What about Grass Cloth?
We offer these two types because they are excellent for DIY projects - powder rooms, dorm rooms, backing a cabinet or bar cabinet…endless possibilities for a fresh decor upgrade. We do offer Grass Cloth (100% sisal) in all our patterns. Please inquire if you’d like to order a sample. Samples are $14 but shipping is on us. It’s nubby texture adds a whole new level of WOW. Please note: ALL our wallpapers are made with environmentally friendly inks and contain no harmful weird chemicals, and are removable AND recyclable.

How do I measure for wallpaper?
First, measure the length of the wall from ceiling to floor. Our Peel and Stick and Prepasted Removable Smooth Wallpaper are available in three, six, nine, or twelve foot long sections. Round up to choose the roll length that is larger than needed for the target wall. For example, if the wall is eight feet high, then the nine foot roll is best. Keep in mind that not all walls are completely even, so take measurements in different places to make sure if the roll will be long enough.

Once the  length is calculated, measure the width of each wall and add them together. Wallpaper rolls come in a convenient two-foot width, so simply divide the total width by 24 inches to determine the number of rolls needed. REMEMBER TO ROUND UP.

It’s best to do a dry test run with each new wallpaper roll to make sure the pattern matches exactly. Slight differences in wall construction may require a minor adjustment before the paper is applied to the wall.